Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Wow how God's mighty hand is at work in our lives. A lot of people like to credit God's blessings to themselves however I am not one of them. God has brought me to far for me to even think I had a hand in it. I am nothing apart from God and it truly breaks my heart when others can't see the dying love (he really died to show His love) that He gave for all.

So I keep saying I will get on here and update you on God's blessings for us.

So I will very soon but here are some highlights.....
1. Leap of Faith moving back to East Tx
A. storage
B. Apartment
C. Classes
D. Job

2. Call to Minister
A. Housing
B. Provisions

3. Back in School
A. Godsends
B. Provisions

4. Girls Conference

5. Youth Growth

Oh how I long to tell you all the extent of God's blessings on us. But please be patient a lil bit longer. We know that we have prayer warriors behind us, and we keep you in our prayers too.