Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mira's Story

Our Beautiful Pup
This is Mira (short for Miracle).
We found/adopted her February/2010
We were driving to Tim's Mom and Step Dads, there was snow on the ground on a farm to market rd, two lane rd, 60-65 mph. Mira was walking on the road in the opposite lane then we were in and we passed her before we could tell she was there (as you can see from the picture Mira is white) she blended with the snow it was so hard to see her. All of the dangerous weather conditions, tugged our hearts. We couldn't just let her stay there and get ran over or starve to death. So we turned around to get her. We pulled over to pick her up and she just cowered away. I had some bread in the car so I gave her a peice and she woofed it down, she let me then get closer to her and touch her. It hurt her for me to touch her anywhere but her face. So I finally was able to scoop her up and I put her in the floorboard at my feet so she could defrost.
We had to get her off the street but with us working at the farm we knew we couldn't keep her. We stoped at the Police department about a mile up the road. I went in and Tim stayed outside to allow Mira to defrost. I asked the lady if there was an ASPCA, or Animal Control that we could take her to them. Since she needed so much help. The lady told me it's Saturday just put her back where you found her cause the offices were closed on the weekend. I was appauled at that response, putting her back where we found her was not an option.
We took her with us to my In-Laws, (they have a snauzer who doesn't care for other dogs especially in her house) we knew they wouldn't be happy with us bringing her there but they are dog people so we took her with us. They let us bring her in and we made a barrier on the tile floor so that we could clean, warm and defrost her. My In-Laws tried from there house to see if there was any place to take Mira but there wouldn't be till Monday and that option was the pound (eww I didn't like the options). Well we were house sitting for my In-Laws, that is why we going to their house. Anyway once they left I started to clean up Mira cutting away the mated fur so I could see how bad she was under the fur.
Severely emaciated, her fur was mated so bad that it was causing her to bleed and making it extreme hurtful and hard for her to walk, the pads on her feet were bald, from the weather and the distance she had walked (we think). The cold had damaged her eyes, all she could see was shadows. She was very boney and had several raw spots and a burn on her shoulder from what, we weren't sure. Well we took her to Cay's for the week till I could take her to Cal's. They agreed to board her for us. That made us so happy. Mira stayed with Cal till she was attacked, which only did damage to her eye (thankfully) we took her to the vet and they did emergency surgery to save her eye. (which I am now glad to say that she has complete use of it and there is only a microscopic scar on the lid as proof anything had happend). After that Cay said we could board her at thier house. So Mira resides with Cay till we can keep her.
Mira is a great dog! We are blessed to have our Miracle.

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