Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pouring on the blessings

Where to begin well we have been praying for a while about where we should go and what we should do. Well God made it quite clear to us. We were looking for a church position in the area of Texas we were already in, but God plans are better. So let me take you on a tour of our past couple of months.

We prayed about what God would have us do and I mapped out for God what I thought was ideal for us. No further west than Mineral Wells, no farther east then Waxahachie, No further North than Benbrook/ HEB and No further South than Hillsboro. Well obviously God didn't like where I wanted to be, but I will get back to that in a minute. We were wanting to foster/adopt, but working where we were, this was not an option from the states view point. Also Tim was going to seminary online not very personable and not very easy to get to know others. (Not that he complained but it is very different from be surrounded by peers.) We knew we were called to the ministry so we knew God would work it in His timing. Also being involved in a Church family is huge part of who we are and serving in different ministries the church offers such as Choir, apartment ministries, men and/or women's ministry and definitely our Sunday School classes. So to put it bluntly we've never been considered back row baptists. We loved the church which we were at which was FIELD STREET BAPTIST CHURCH in Cleburne (check it out it is great). With our job however it was nearly impossible to be surrounded by our church family and getting to go to church once or twice a month was really hard. We love to be involved, encouraging other and being encouraged too. (God has a special place for overseas missionaries who give up everything to follow the call. If you know anyone in the ministry whatever the part or service pray for them to stand strong and not grow weary.) We were in state and able to see family and friends occasionally, even see our church family every once in a while, but it was hard not to be involved in the CHURCH. (enough about that)

The Path
Today is Aug 19, 2010. We received or answer about 3 weeks ago about what path God wanted us to go down. After doing my quite time one day God laid on my heart a couple of questions... Will you follow me? "Get up and do so" If you had 24 hours to leave what would you take? "Only what you need" Do you trust Me? Then Follow I am leading. When I heard this I went to Tim and asked him the same questions God had laid on my heart. He said that his quiet time was about the same except for he wasn't sure where the place God was calling us. I said Jacksonville, TX. He just looked at me cause he knew I didn't want to be that far from our nuclear family. I said "Leave and Cleave" which is in reference to the scripture when God says: your to leave your mother and father and cleave to one another. I said we are suppose to go live in the seminary housing a 1 bedroom 1 bath and your suppose to enroll there. (which we'ld love to have a house where we can have Mira our "mira"cle dog.) So we went to Jacksonville while we were on break. Tim stopped by the seminary talked with the dean and housing people. Getting in didn't seem like an issue but housing did. They were booked up all the houses. We stayed with my bf Manda and she say well how certain are you that y'all will come I said 98% sure she said, woo hoo you will be close again.
The Wait
Well the Friday before we were suppose to go back to work we but in our 2 week notice. (No jobs lined up for sure, Tim had a possible part-time but not enough to live on.) So we were already 89% packed during our break cause we felt God moving us to. We were dreading telling our boys cause we didn't really want to leave them. Our families and church. But everyone was so supportive. Some of the boys did cry and they were all upset but they were very sweet about it. We worried about who would take our spot as house parents and jobs money and where to live in Jacksonville. Every time I tried to worry God calmed my fears.
The boys: God's children and he had a great couple for them already lined up
The new couple: They had been hired for the elementary girls house but really wanted a boys house. They now got to be in the elementary boys house. We also got to help train them. So we got to see how great they will be with the boys.
The timing: Our job took our two week notice and said we didn't have to finish it since our replacements were already hired we would leave in good standing and could go back anytime we wanted.
When to leave then: We asked when would be our last day on schedule they said Sun so we hired a truck for Mon.
Our Stuff: We needed somewhere to store it cause we had no place to live. About 1/4 from seminary we booked 2 climate controlled units.
Where to Live: As we were unloading the truck, only 5-10 things left on it we got the call that our apartment was ready. How Good is God. We had to have the truck back by 8am the next morning so Tim calls and asks when do you need the truck and how much will it cost to keep it a little longer. She asked what was going on and so he told her she said have it here by 5pm and no extra charges will be added. God is good. Oh and I forgot that the lady we picked the truck up from gave us an extra 25 miles no extra charge.
OH the sweet blessings
We took a complete leap of Faith and God glided us gently to the ground. GODS blessings are awesome. From time to time satan tried to get us down by putting obstacles in our way and or trying to get us to worry and fret. But I tell you this GOD is bigger than satan and if you cast all your cares on Jesus, on God, and the Holy Spirit HE will bless you. I know what your thinking "one of your prayers, the one about a job hasn't been answered yet" well your right and I can't wait till it is answered so I can share it with you, GOD'S TIMING IS PERFECT.


  1. Ach! I love this story! Can't wait to hear the rest of it! :)

  2. . . . . and before long you'll be writing about "the rest of the story". Love you two! Am so blessed to have my *adopted* kids nearby.