Friday, August 27, 2010


My Beatiful Sister and Neice got to come and see me. God is good earlier this week I really missed her and she called last night and said I think I might come over, I said WOOHOO. So she talked to her hubby and they worked it out and now she is here, did I say Woo Hoo, cause if not then WOO HOO!!!!!!! So we so far went out to eat at Jalepeno Tree, and then saw my BFF Manda and her hubby David. Now we are visiting Momma and Poppa Smith and loving it Shiloh likes them and Cayla is getting to catch up with the Smith's. Cayla got the grand tour of their new place and Cayla loves it. So I'll post pics sometime to show y'all. Oh and the Smith's allowed Shiloh to meet their Shiloh who is a enormous Goofy dog. Needless to say they like each other. Well I will let you know how the rest of our adventure goes. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. It was a fun evening w/all of you!!!!!! Baby Shiloh is adorable but so is her mama, daddy, Aunt Christiy & Uncle Tim, whom she seems especially smitten with! Love you - thanks for coming!